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Banking solutions

Banking solutions

What if you could use your existing CCTV equipment and network infrastructure to create a modern, state-of-the-art surveillance system that could...

  • • monitor activities at any number of branch offices from a central location?
  • • visually verify alarms to your security staff?
  • • enable bank staff to install and maintain without receiving special training?

With a CHIPER network video solution all this is possible.

Systems those are convenient and easily integrated

CHIPER provides you with cost-effective network video solutions that are easy to use and offer all the functionality and reliability needed to protect staff and assets, verify the bank's transactions and prevent time being wasted on attending to false alarms.

Our products allow you to use your existing network infrastructure to deploy cameras, making for short implementation time and low start up costs. Once up and running, the administration of a network video system is both simpler and less labor intensive than traditional CCTV since images are stored on computer hard discs, and employees do not have to change and take care of videotapes.

Solutions installed in local bank branches can transmit images to a central location for remote viewing using the LAN or Internet, which is extremely convenient for any organization with geographically dispersed local branches. And if your business is expanding, rest assured that an Axis system scales easily; it can consist of any number of cameras and can be expanded simply by adding one camera at a time.

Whether you are looking for a new core surveillance solution or a complement to your existing one, an CHIPER network video solution will fit the bill.

All the functionality needed for maximum reliability

The reliability of network video reduces the risk that thieves will get away with their crimes, and this includes internal crimes such as employee fraud. High image quality leads to easy identification of people and a clear view of transactions at ATM machines, deposit boxes and at the cashier in the branch office.

Knowing that all incidents will be observed is both a deterrent to would-be criminals and gives bank personnel peace of mind so they can get on with their jobs, whilst also leaving customers free to go about their business. Network cameras with motion detection can be used to send images by e-mail or MMS to security personnel or the police if a break-in should occur.



ChipER, Best Solution for you CCTV Surveillance
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