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Education solutions

Education solutions

If now the latest CCTV equipment and network infrastructure equipment to build modern, high quality monitoring system that can ....

  • * Strengthen monitoring and security on campus corner
  • * Deter intrusion damage,Faculty and students to improve their own security

With a CHIPER network video solution all this is possible.

Systems those are convenient and easily integrated

Campus security incidents continue to occur, how many families rolled together to irreparable harm, adding much to the social unrest, this is a serious trend. Frequently for recent security incidents on campus, campus security systems such useless ...

provide you with cost-effective network video solutions, easy to use and provides all the functionality and reliability, to protect personnel and assets, to ensure campus safety, effectively preventing the invasion of outsiders, maintenance staff and student safety

products allow you to use existing network infrastructure without additional cables, making the short implementation time and cost. Once the operation and management of network video system is simple, low consumption of labor-intensive than traditional CCTV, because the image is stored in the SATA 2.5 hard drives, and care staff do not have to change.

The reliability of
network video reduces the risk of hooliganism will be away from their crimes, including crimes on campus bullying. High quality lead to easily identifiable, clear statement of the corners to maintain security throughout the campus and the central authorities in close contact with the campus.

Whether you
are looking for a new core surveillance solution or complement the existing one, CHIPER network video solution will meet the bill.



ChipER, Best Solution for you CCTV Surveillance
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