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Government solutions

Government solutions

If the government agency set up for the new monitoring network, based technologies and the use of existing network equipment, the city built an effective safety net, you can ...

  • *Opportunity to reduce urban crime
  • *Monitoring building access with security in the region

With a CHIPER network video solution all this is possible.

Systems those are convenient and easily integrated

Road, intersection or neighborhood pros and cons of monitoring facilities has become an important basis for law and order, to create a fear-free living space, an important stronghold in the protection of the law and order, to the outside main road junctions, such as multi-junction where the accident occurred, set intersection monitoring system.

in terms of monitoring for residents is Xiangdangchongyao, and many government agencies and thus enhance the density of monitoring equipment close to home. In the past using traditional cameras with DVR surveillance system set up, often unable to ensure normal operation of the video is, at the Vian after the incident, not prone to transfer the key to the plight of the image, thereby affecting the detection progress.

the use of new surveillance camera equipment to the existing underlying network structure, structure a seamless safety net, increase the city against criminals as bad.

Network monitoring
image is crime prevention, an important tool to protect the public.

network video helps police to quickly lock or other criminals for action. CHIPER advanced webcam technology to provide clear and sharp image detail like, motion detection and prevention of destruction. It can be both wired and wireless networks operate, is ideal and highly cost-effective tools to ensure the city safer.

construction techniques, will lead to waste of resources, high transmission optical networking terms of structure, but merely to add to their costs. Will be to consolidate all network management system, monitoring as a framework for future repair and control.


ChipER, Best Solution for you CCTV Surveillance
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