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Healthcare solutions

Healthcare solutions

Easy to install technology, with low cost high quality image processing technology, the establishment of non-defective medical surveillance network to maintain security concerns inside and outside the hospital, you can ....

  • * Improve the efficiency of medical staff
    Patient safety surveillance
    Maintain the security of assets

With a CHIPER network video solution all this is possible.

Systems those are convenient and easily integrated

Security from the hospital perspective. Hospital staff turnover in public places, many family members of patients carrying large amounts of cash to hospital treatment, because patients with serious illness and may be anxious, to the neglect of the financial security of the players, resulting in very easily become the object of theft criminals . Without the law the same as the higher molecular mobility, cross-building, inter-regional, inter-hospital or even committing the crime have occurred. This is deter criminals and ensure peace inside and outside the hospital, the hospital needs a unified video surveillance system, many people mixed area of real-time monitoring.

developed a precise image transmission, the use of cloud technology to link each medical monitoring, the formation of the medical umbrella, inside and outside the security for the perfect multi-layer protection. Is that the hospital operating room, medical consultation rooms and other places for heavy video surveillance technology has broad application prospects, either through live surgery, weight room patients attending live remote monitoring Record and send, accurate records of surgical procedures, family members and other remote access functions, but also was important to save the image, to resolve medical disputes, draw the patient responsibility to provide evidence.

From the
perspective of hospital management. To the clinic, registration, laboratory, dispensary, hospital, pharmacy and other departments of the real-time monitoring, both to ensure the orderly work and the job specification, but also for leaders at all levels to understand the daily operations of various departments to provide a window. In addition, you can also parking, equipment rooms, plumbing and other logistics units deploying for routine monitoring points to ensure the stability of the various systems throughout the hospital running



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