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Retail solutions

Retail solutions

Retail chains often use multiple systems, using the PoS and video surveillance systems are very common, can present high-quality integration in automation equipment, as a warning to abnormal events,
you can

  • * Reduce product theft rate
    Against crime and personal safety at night
    * Fire
    alarm connection

With a CHIPER network video solution all this is possible.

Systems those are convenient and easily integrated

Chain is undoubtedly one of the best business model to copy. In a unified brand and image, to reduce logistics and inventory costs can effectively improve the competitiveness of enterprises. In the rapid development of the industry chain, security and management issues will become increasingly prominent. The larger the chain, chain outlets, the more management problems also show the day and night; how to improve the chain's overall performance, comprehensive and timely understanding of shop operating conditions and gives the correct direction and speed of processing, it becomes a chain Head Office Management management needs the most attention.

technology combined with chain applications, the use of network video processing technology to design a complete real-time monitoring system, remote management is fully capable to meet the demand chain. Although the monitoring system began towards the development of IP, but the analog system is still the mainstream retail market. When a part of the equipment after the first IP-based, must also be compatible with the original conventional imaging system, users can enjoy complete network video solution. For business image integration, the biggest challenge is that many retailers lack of sufficient bandwidth.

typically know very little about the technology on a smaller scale retail applications, the owner, who is also usually multiple positions, so the system must be easy to use. In order to facilitate recording and management, CHIPER Technology began working simple suite of solutions. Graphical user interface (GUI) is easy to understand based on demand, typically allow all users to help get started.
In the retail
operation, the wireless device is very convenient and common, can be end-to-back-end systems, inventory management, touchscreen interactive kiosks and other devices linked together. Consolidate the wireless network from intrusion or denial of service attacks, and can detect the malware to the network, may well be a wise approach.

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